AK-47 Wood Stock

Buy Ak-47 wood stock set in our online storeIt is undisputed that the Soviet Union had one of the most advanced military industries in the whole world. It employed the brilliant minds of Soviet military scientists who worked hard to invent the most sophisticated kinds of weapon for the Soviet army to use. Many weapons introduced by Soviet military scientists are well-known allover the world. 

You can ask almost any person in the world, what Soviet weapon he or she knows, - and this person will most likely mention the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle - the AK. Since the introduction of the very first variants of the AK (such as AK-47), every single detail of the rifle would be thoroughly thought through by the Soviet military scientists. Among other details, this also goes for the stock. 

Buy AK wood butt stock in our online storeThe stock of the AK-47 is one of the most important parts of the rifle. Basically, a stock is a part of the AK-47 gun which is put against the shoulder of the shooter. The stock of the AK-47 is used for increasing the stability of the weapon while aiming, - in other words, the aim of the AK-47 stock is to improve the accuracy of shooting. 

The choice of the material for the manufacturing of AK-47 stocks was based on two main conditions: cheapness and lightness. As one may know by its name, the AK-47 rifle was developed soon after the World War II. At that time, the ultimate material combining such qualities as lightness and cheapness, to produce stocks for AK-47 of, would happen to be wood. Most commonly, AK-47 stocks were made of either hazelwood, or beech. 

It is due to both sophisticated design and wise choice of material, that AK-47 wooden stocks represent one of the most advanced and sophisticated solutions of the kind. AK-47 wooden stocks fit both main requirements, which are convenience and durability.


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