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Buy AK-74 Loading Kit for sale in our online storePresently, almost every person in the world is convinced that one of the most advanced and sophisticated military industries in the world was that of the Soviet Union. It was the hard day-and-night work of the Soviet military engineers that eventually lead to such situation. These brilliant minds were trying extremely hard to develop and introduce the ultimate weapons of all kinds for the Soviet Red Army to use. The quality of these weapons was really outstanding, - so, many of these weapons have become world-renown and are still employed in the armies of many countries of the world. It seems that the best example to illustrate such popularity is the AK (Kalashnikov assault rifle) firearm series. Currently, AK rifles are available in numerous variations and modifications.

The first model of the AK firearm series was introduced in the late 1940s, soon after the World War II. It was a really sophisticated at that time. However, by the 1970s the Soviet Army realized that AK-47 was slightly outdated and needed to be modernized. That’s when Soviet military engineering science once again employed its brilliant minds to create the new, improved version of the AK. Each and every single part of the AK-47 was reconsidered and improved. Among the improved parts of the new AK-47 gun model, there were mags, stock, and other parts. And so, finally, in the early 1970s AK-74 gun was introduced. If compare AK-47 with its direct descendant, the main advantages of the AK-47 is that its parts would be lighter, making the new rifle more compact, as well as easier and more convenient to carry.

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